Sunday, 8 December 2013

7th December - Ringing 101

Saturday morning was a brilliant ringing session. After an awful nights sleep, and a grumpy start to the day, I couldn't have asked for a better session.

We arrived on site at 07:30 (me, Susan Jones, her dad, and Rachel Stroud), to find Steve and Rachel had already set 3 nets. I went with Rachel to set another, and we started catching soon after this.

A busy morning of extraction and ringing bought a total of exactly 100 birds. I got some excellent extraction practise and my ageing and processing is also coming on very well; I can almost smell that C permit now :D

Group catch totals & personal totals

The ringing didn't finish after this session however. Once we had taken down and packed up, we all headed to Llanberis lake to try for some Goosander. We saw 4 males on the lake, and all of them obligingly came over when we fed them bread. Within five minutes, Rachel had hand caught one beautiful male and ringed it. These are stunning birds and it was an absolute treat to see them so close up! 

So 101 birds for the day and a superb start to my weekend!

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