Sunday, 19 January 2014

Quick update after a busy week.

Last Saturday was the first mist net session of the year. After a slightly late start, I managed to put up a net efficiently (with Rachel helping) whilst Chris and Steve set a 60ft, and we then had a very productive session with 135 birds. I extracted ~24 birds of varying difficulty, and ringed and processed 33 birds, which all went very well. All in all a very fun session and I now feel like I'm thinking like a proper ringer, as well as coming towards the end of my training.

The majority of Sunday (12th) and the rest of the week was spent working. I had an exam on Friday (which went well) and also an important essay due, so preparing for these was the main priority. I did manage to fit in a birding session with Zac for the UBC challenge on Monday (13th) with 30 species seen, including 3 Great Northern Divers, 2 Bar-tailed Godwit and a Greenfinch roost of 100+ birds.
I also squeezed in 2 Beaumaris recces for the wader ringing weekend. Neither turned up any good catching options, but it was nice to get out and be trusted to ID all the species well enough and report sensible catching options.

Monday (13th) was also a good day in general, despite the good UBC count. I got two results back from last semester (72% and an A+), and was told that I've been short listed for the Skomer job I applied for! I'm ecstatic with this news and really hope I manage to get the job. It'll be something very nice to aim towards.

Saturday (18th) was supposed to be for my WeBS count, but a last minute weather change (totally different forecast from 12hrs previous) meant that I wouldn't get an accurate count, so it had to be abandoned. I'll try again on Tuesday morning. I did go into Chester in the afternoon though, and a quick walk along the canal turned up my first nest of the year. 2 cheeping Feral Pigeon chicks (feathers short) were in a nest under one of the canal bridges. The nest record card is filled in and ready to be sent to the BTO, even though I wont be able to follow its success or ever know the final nest outcome.

Sunday (today: 19th) was spent wader ringing in Bangor Harbour. Unfortunately the Dunlin flock, that had roosted there during the week, decided not to turn up, but we did manage to take a catch of 190 Oystercatchers which kept us busy until sunset.

The rest of this week will be busy with more work and meetings, so apologies if I don't post until next weekend.

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