Friday, 31 January 2014

Skomer Job

I'm incredibly excited, pleased and proud to say I got the Skomer Job! So from 14th April I will be on the island, working for Dr. Matt Wood of Gloucester University, studying the adult survival, nest success etc of the breeding seabirds! 

I really can't believe the luck I'm having at the moment, and finding it hard for all the good news to sink in.

After handing in my final January assignments this morning, I've had a well earned afternoon off. I had a celebratory lunch with some friends, and now preparing for a celebratory night out. It'll be my first proper night out of the academic year, so lets hope it goes well. 

Happy birding to all, and hope none of you get washed / blown away in the coming storm. It's certainly stopping any mist or cannon netting attempts around here!

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