Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Introduction to me.

I've started this blog to encourage myself to go birding more than anything, and I gives me a platform to record what I've been doing. I should have started it months ago! I've had an incredibly busy summer and am now back at Bangor University for my final year studying BSc Zoology with Animal Behaviour.
I am fairly new to serious birding and can't really pinpoint why or when I got into it. My family are all very scientific and childhood walks were always full of my dad naming the plants and animals around us. He has now lost his love of the outdoors and I feel like I am carrying on what he started.
The next few blogs will be a catch up of my summer and the last year in general, and should give you a flavour of the kinds of things I get up to when I'm not weighed down by university work.
Hope you enjoy reading as much as I'll enjoy writing it and remembering the awesome things I've been doing in the last few months.

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