Saturday, 26 October 2013

Summer 2013 - August Part 3 - Ormskirk, surveys and home

So we left the Wash on 26th August and headed back to Bangor. As per usual, it was a relief and pleasure to see hills and mountains again! We got back at about 7pm and had just enough time to unpack, shower, spruce up and then go out for dinner with a couple of my friends at 8pm.
Chris had to be back in work at Marshside RSPB on the 27th so I drove us both back and birded for the day whilst he was busy.
On the 28th we were up at 04:30 to do a dawn gull survey for the RSPB. This was very interesting survey experience for me and the 3 hours didn't drag nearly as badly as I thought they might. After this, we spent the afternoon ringing and went for an evening walk at Gorse Hill Nature Reserve. Chris is constantly testing me on my bird calls and songs these days, so these walks are a good chance for me to practise. I feel I am steadily improving...just takes practise, practise, practise.
On the 29th, I dropped Chris at his farm shop job at 9am and then headed home to Maesbrook (nr Oswestry). It was good to finally be making it home after a long month of travelling and work, with little to no rest. I managed to rest for all of a day before things got busy again though!
Another 3,000 miles on the clock since I bought the car in early June.

Gorgeous STARL. A new species for me.

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