Sunday, 27 October 2013

October - Back to University

I am now back at Bangor university to complete my Zoology with Animal Behaviour course.
As per usual I've been super busy. I am now the BTO Student Ambassador for Bangor University. This involves trying to get students involved with the BTO and being the general student "go to" for anyone who's interested in birds. So far I've organised a team of 8 to take over a WeBS count at Llyn Alaw Reservoir, joined the committee of the new Birding Society and encouraged 10+ students to get involved with birding, Bangor Bird Group and ringing. It's going well so far and is a nice break from university work.

As well as copious amounts of module and dissertation work, I've also started a dipper ringing project with Chris, volunteered at Treborth Botanic Gardens, given blood, done dawn Visual Migration and mist netting with Zac, cleared paths at Llyn Alaw (off my own back because Welsh Water wouldn't) and helped with cannon netting for SCAN ringing group. 

After these non stop 5 months, my body has finally called it quits and demanded a break! I've caught a cold (very unusual for me) and am now having to take it easy - at least for a few days.


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